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The most popular Limatherm Sensor temperature controller. It has a universal input suitable for most common thermocouple sensor as well as Pt100. Low or standard 230V power supply can be selected. Up to 3 outputs programmed as alarm or control outputs, including SSR or 4÷20mA (control) output. Two displays: upper red colour presents temperature of process; lower green colour presents set temperature. Black enclosure, anti-reflection coating and clear indication. Degree of protection of front panel IP65. There is a possibility to block the access to specified parameters via software as well as device blocking by means of jumper.


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  • programmable temperature controller
  • 4 digit dual LED display
  • PID control; ON/OFF contro
  • auto-tuning
  • sensor failure detection
  • front panel: IP65



  • universal input: TC/RTD/NTC
  • output: 3x relay, SSR
  • power supply: 230V AC, 24V DC / AC ±10%
  • dimensions: 48 × 48 × 110; cut-out 45,5 × 45,5 mm
  • additgional features: control output 4÷20mA

Compatibility device

Thermostats can work with devices such as heaters and temperature sensors, monitoring the temperature of the first to know.

Temperature sensors Heating Elements

For details see: "head sensors", "cable sensors", "sensors for air-conditioning", "mineral insulated sensors", "special sensors", "Ex sensors" and "heatings elements"

Additional accessories

Some applications require the use of additional accessories suitable for their individual requirements.

Relays Radiators

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