Electronic indicator LIM N1540

The LIM N1540 indicator is a versatile process indicator with a large, easy-to-read display. It is able to measure the signal from most sensors and process transmitters. It has 2 alarm relays and a 24V... large display - digits heigth 14 mm
2 alarm relays 230V/1,5A
additional supply power 24V DC
USB interface for configuration and monitoring
sensor damage detection
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Indicator N1500

Universal digital display. Power 230 or 24 V. The standard two independent relay NC / NO. Display in housing with protection against reflections black, red numbers. Additional options: extension for a further 2 independent relay... input NTC, Pt100, Pt1000, J
four alarm outputs
programmable offset for sensor
interface RS-485
dimensions 48x96 mm
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Indicator N1500G

Large-size LED digital versatile. Power 230 V. The standard two independent relay outputs NO. The red LED digits. The standard output of 4-20 mA retransmission, communication module RS-485 MODBUS. input NTC, Pt100, Pt1000, J
two alarm outputs
indicator LED 4 1/2 digits
height digits- 56 mm
interface RS-485
dimensions 310x110 mm
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Electronic indicator SD-16

Fully universal industrial digital indicator. It is designed to display the values of current, voltage and temperature signals from both thermocouple and Pt100 sensors. The type of measuring range is set using the indicator menu.... universal input
inverse scaling function
display 20mm
RS-485, RS-232 interface
dimensions 48x96 mm
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Indicator type LIM N1040i

LIM N1040i is a universal process indicator with a wide list of input types: thermocouple, resistance, voltage and current. It is able to track down most of the signals and sensors found in industrial processes. sensor offset
sensor failure detection
a wide range of inputs and ranges
4 digit LED display
IP 65
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Loop indicator LoopView

LoopView is a two-wire (4 ÷ 20) mA loop indicator, loop powered and low power. Its excellent precision allows to indicate several measurements like pressure, differential pressure, flow, pH, temperature, acceleration and other. It has... input: (4 ÷ 20) mA
accuracy: 0,5% zakresu
connector standard EN 175301-803 :::4-digit red LED display
4-digit LED display
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