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Compensation and extension (thermocouple) cables are the element of measuring installation connecting thermocouple sensor with measuring device e.g. controller, indicator or temperature recorder. Extension cables are made of the same materials as thermocouples, whereas compensation cables are made of substitute materials with properties similar to thermocouples. Cable insulation are selected according to ambient conditions and operating temperature.


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– insulation resistance: min. 10 MΩ x km

– range of execution: up to 25 pairs

– voltage testing: 1000V

– cable structure and colours acc. to EU IEC 584-3

– based on IEC norm cables are produced as compensation

   (second letter of symbol designation C) or extension (second letter X).

– extension cables are made of the same materials as thermocouple,

   less expensive with lower class of temperature tolerance are compensation

   cables made of substitute materials

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