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Laboratory for Temperature Measurements works in the Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o company's structures.

Laboratory for Temperature Measurements provides services of the highest quality, which comply with the standards PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and PN-EN ISO 9001:2001. To perform services, Laboratory applies its own top quality high-tech apparatuses, all of them approved by the Central Office of Measures in Poland, and, thus, having Calibration Certificates proving their accuracy in taking temperature measurements.
In 2007 Laboratory received the Certificate of Accredited Calibration Laboratory No. AP 108, issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

Business goal

The main task of the Limatherm Sensor Sp z o.o. Laboratory is to provide measurement services on a technical level, regulations, and in full compliance with customer requirements. Quality of services for us means strive to achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction and ensure the future of the Laboratory.

Range of activities

The Laboratory performs calibration in accordance with accreditation AP 108
  • thermocouples type: J, K, S, B, R, N, T
  • RTD sensors
  • electric thermometers(electronic)
  • temperature transmitters
  • temperature calibrators
  • bimetal thermometers
  • temperature simulators type: R, S, B, J, K, N, T, E, RTD
  • temperature indicators (meters) (including temperature controllers) type: R, S, B, J, K, N, T, E, RTD
The laboratory also performs calibration out of accreditation area
  • meters, multifunction calibrators, transmitters, recorders, controllers, indicators, temperature simulators
  • measurement: voltage, current, resistance, RTD, Pt100, TC
  • generating: voltage, power (current)
  • simulation: resistance, RTD, Pt100, TC
  • legalization of temperature sensor pair
  • pressure( pressure gauges, transmitters )
  • meters and humidity transmitters, hytherographs
  • pyrometers
Additional services
  • calibration of instruments for temperature measurement
  • thermocouple annealing prior to calibration
  • secondary calibration of the sensors after repair, modernization and periodic calibration
  • calibration of measuring and control equipment, together with the issuance of a certificate confirming the device's meteorological parameters in relation to the national standard
  • other instruments according to agreement


Company initial capital: 700 000,00 zł,
National Court Register (KRS) 0000201394, District Court for Cracow-City Center 12th Commercial Division
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