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Temperature sensors

What is the difference of accuracy between class A and class B resistors?
Class B resistor has deviation up to 0,33º in 0ºC, whereas class A resistor has deviation up to 0,15º in 0ºC.
What is the difference of accuracy between class 1 and class 2 thermocouple?
For thermocouples: E, J, K, N acceptable deviation is 1,5º in class 1 and 2,5º in class 2 in 0ºC.
What is the difference between 2-wire connection and 3/4-wire connection in resistance sensors with Pt100?
For better metrological parameters of RTD sensors 3/4-wire connection is recommended.
What is the difference between insulated junction and grounded junction in thermocouple sensors?
In case of insulated junction the thermocouple element is insulated from the thermowell/sheath, if grounded junction is used the thermocouple element is physically joined to the thermowell/sheath.
When do we use compensation cables?
Compensation cables are used to extend the measuring line of thermocouple sensors. Compensation cables are dedicated for thermocouples: J, K, N, R, S, B, and T type.
What is the maximum operating temperature for sensors with steel thermowells?
Maximum operating temperature for thermowell made of heat resistant steel (1.4762) is 1200ºC.
What is the maximum operating temperature for sensors with ceramic protection tubes?
Maximum operating temperature for ceramic protection tube from corundum 799 is 1800ºC.
What is the ambient temperature for the connection head operating?
The connection head with silicone seal is suitable for temperature up to 150ºC and with rubber seal (standard) for temperature up to 100ºC.
What is the ambient temperature for operating of the connection head with transmitter?
Operating temperature for the connection head with built-in transmitter shall not exceed 85ºC.
What are the characteristics of mineral insulated sensors?
Mineral insulated metal sheathed cables applied for such sensors are highly flexible and shock resistant.
What should be taken into consideration when selecting the cable insulation?
Temperature resistance is a limiting factor for cable sensor operating: PVC insulation is suitable for temperature up to 105ºC, teflon/ silicone insulation up to 200ºC, fiberglass insulation up to 400ºC.
What is the difference between resistance Pt100/500/1000 sensor and thermocouple J/K/R/S/T/N sensor?
RTD sensors are characterized by high accuracy and stability, whereas thermocouple sensors have fast response time.
Why shall we use temperature sensor with local display?
Local display can be placed in the connection head. This solution enables to obtain the temperature readout directly in place of measurement.
What is the purpose of using temperature transmitter?
Temperature transmitter is used to convert the sensing element signal to 4÷20mA current signal or 0÷10V voltage signal. Its application is recommended if the measuring line is carried out through the distance of few meters.
Where shall we use Exi/Exd sensors?
Exi (intrinsically safe) or Exd (flameproof) temperature sensors are suitable for application in hazardous areas.
What is the difference between Exi and Exd sensors?
Exi (intrinsically safe) sensor design guarantees that no spark appears in sensor measurement circuit. Exd (flameproof) sensor design guarantees the protection of surrounding by encapsulating the possible explosion inside the temperature sensor.
How can one install the temperature sensor on the pipeline/installation?
All information regarding the way of sensor and its accessories mounting are included in the Operation Manual provided by Limatherm Sensor with the purchased product. On condition that all guidelines are met, long and error free operating of sensor and installation is guaranteed.
How can one create an ordering code if the temperature sensor parameters are known?
In order to create an ordering code our Clients can use “GENERATE CODE” application placed on the product catalogue cards on our website.

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