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1969  The Limanowa Branch of the Krakowska Fabryka Aparatury Pomiarowej is established
1975  The Limanowa Branch moves into new premises and changes its name to: "Podhalańska Fabryka Aparatury Pomiarowej LIMATHERM"
1998  The Company undergoes another transformation and becomes a Company with Limited Liability
"LIMATHERM Sp. z o.o."; in this year, the Company achieves the ISO 9002 Certification
1999  The Company is denationalized and becomes privatized
2002  The Company achieves the ISO 9001-2000 Certification
2004 A new Company LIMATHERM SENSOR Sp. z o.o. is established from the "LIMATHERM Sp. z o.o." structures
2005   LIMATHERM SENSOR achieves ISO 9001-2000 Certification



"Limatherm Sensor" is a manufacturer of all types of temperature sensors: from simple conductor sensors, head sensors, through resistance sensors in casings, to thermoelectric sensors.
The production of sensors carried out in the company's factory comprises all technological stages and is performed in one place. Thus, the Company is able to constantly supervise the quality of products, and to adequately response to customers' requirements and needs (for example with regard to diameters, process-conditioned connecting elements, types of casings, etc.)





The general policy of "Limatherm Sensor" is to meet all the requirements of customers; therefore the Company always achieves necessary certifications and attests. The products are manufactured in strict conformity with Polish and international standards and regulations. Among our sensors, there are thermocouples approved by the Head Measures Office and certified as fit for use in calculating heating energy consumed, sensors to be used in zones under explosion hazards, spark-safe sensors (-Exia), sensors with fire-safe casings (Exd) and sensors with reinforced casings (Exe). All of the sensors comply with instructions as recommended by ATEX.
Sensors offered by us are the best showcase of our production quality. We have an adequately equipped thermodynamic laboratory to supervise the production at all phases and to ensure the highest quality of our products. We utilize state-of-the-art testing and calibrating devices manufactured by recognized Western companies.


Company initial capital: 700 000,00 zł,
National Court Register (KRS) 0000201394, District Court for Cracow-City Center 12th Commercial Division
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