The new pair of sensors for Heat meters


We are pleased to announce that Company Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o o. was granted Examination Certificate type WE for the sensor pairs type TOPI-3P for compliance with Directive 2004/22 / EC of the European Parliament (MID).

A pair of sensors consisting of two identically constructed sensors differing only in the color of connection head:

- the sensor with red connection head is intended for installation on the power heat exchange circuit

- the sensor with blue connection head is intended for installation on the return heat exchange circuit

in addition to the essential requirements, meets specific requirements of the Directive contained in the annex MI-004, concerns the heat meters and its components .

The obtained Certificate can greatly facilitate heat meters bidders, for whom a pair of sensors are one of the components, obtaining a certificate of compliance with the Directive MID, which is necessary for use the device in the application of thermal energy accounting.


days: 23.11.2015, time 15:15

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